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We, the most epic villain x heroine ship




Shimazu Iehisa by Ayana-88
Shimazu Iehisa
For :iconwarringstates:

Artwork made by :iconpatty-batty:

    I. G E N E R A L

"I won't give up! I will keep fighting until the victory is mine!"

Name: Shimazu Iehisa.
Age: 22 (Born in July, 1551).
Height: 161 cm (5'3")
57 kg (126 lbs)
Home Region: Kyūshū (Satsuma&Ōsumi).

    II.  I N F O R M A T I O N

Daimyō: Shimazu Yoshihisa.
Loyalty: Heroic (honorable)
Weapon: Halberd, 250 cm | Donderbuss, 160 cm
Steed: Kuro, black.

Melee: 7/10
Missile: 7/10
Horseback: 7/10
Vitality: 7/10 
Armour: 7/10
Resilience: 7/10
Bravery: 7/10
Wisdom: 3/10
Subterfuge: 2/10
Command: 5/10
Resolve: 0/10
Psyche: 5/10
[64/120] - True Warrior title

    III. P R O F I L E

perfectionist | steadfast | brave | caring | kind | hot-blooded | competitive

    Iehisa is a perfectionist who always strives to do his very best. He rarely experiences failure, which always brings him into temporary inferiority complex. However, even moments of weakness can not deprive his spirit, as he's always eager to learn from his mistakes. He's steadfast and a bit hot-blooded, always rushing onto the battlefield first and eagerly joins various competitions.

Iehisa greatly cares not only for his clan, but for all people. His attiude is way diffrent from his warlord, especially in showing his warmth and sensitivity.

Mannerisms: Iehisa acts very respectful towards other people. He carries his politeness even into battlefields, where he additionally praises worthy opponents.
Likes: sake | sweet food | celebrations | staring at the clouded sky | music | competitions | sparrings  | family
Dislikes: thieves | feeling useless  | mistakes | seeing innocents being hurt
Goals: Unite all people of Kyūshū under his daimyō.


1551 - Shimazu Iehisa is born, named as Matashichirō.
    - Short after his birth, his mother died.
1565 - Matashichirō on his genpuku receives his new name and from here is known as Shimazu Iehisa.
1566 - Shimazu Yoshihisa succeeded as the head of Shimazu clan and becomes the new daimyo.
    - Iehisa becomes a vassal of his brother and for the first time sets out on to the battlefield.
1569 - Shimazu clan besieged the Hishikari clan's castle of Oguchi in Ōsumi Province.
    - Iehisa fought under the command of Shimazu Yoshihisa. The siege was successful and the castle fell to the Shimazu.
1572 - The forces of Shimazu Clan defeated the larger army of Itō Yoshisuke.
    - Iehisa togehter with his older brother Yoshihiro played a big role in achieving victory.

    IV. R E L A T I O N S H I P S

Shimazu Takahisa -  father | the former daimyo
Sesshō - mother | wife of the former daimyo
Shimazu Yoshihisa - brother | 40 | daimyo
Shimazu Yoshihiro - brother | 38 |
Shimazu Toshihisa - brother | 36 |

    VI. E T C

・He has terrible handwriting, so he keeps his letters short.
・He keeps all love letters he received. 
・He's never been in love.
・Always gets very drunk at a party. 
・Next day wakes up hungover next with a lady.
・Always apologizes for whatever happened.
Samurai (Warrior): Your Character may be killed in any instances that could cause it.


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Dangan Ronpa, No More Heroes and Homestuck

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